Cintiq 21UX New Delicate Color Monitor With Pen Input

Wacom is the first title that comes to thoughts of most people when they think of styluses, touch sensitive input devices and pen-input human interface devices as well as for a great cause. The company has become the best choice in contact-input technologies for years now. The business has now moved their game forward with their new touch-sensitive monitor that's already a bestseller and has sold out at most online retailers. The Cintiq 21UX is their latest product that brings the intuitiveness of pen input straight to the display.

The Cintiq combines two of essential services and products for electronic artists in almost any number of fields from electronic photo retouching to industrial designers. A high-quality display and a highly-sensitive and straightforward to use contact and pen input system enable designers to interact with and write, draw, paint, erase and shape right on the screen without looking down on a touch tablet visit to get more info.

It has a 21.3" exhibit region in a-4:3 format with a high-resolution display with 1600x1200 pixels. The pen input in this new design is even more delicate to give artists more control and a more lifelike experience of working with the screen. Wacom claims the new touch system is sensitive and painful to stress of as little as one gram. This offers artists the feel of a real paint brush, marker, pencil or a pen. Creating the slightest variants in brush size or adjusting coverage in the minutest some possible is now easily done.

Two extra touch-sensitive strips on the again enable fast toggling of zoom, rotation plus a quantity of other controls. For artists that'll spend all day only at that digital easel the Cintiq reclines from 1-0 to 6-5 degrees to allow for all postures, and you also can even rotate the orientation of the display to make working easier. Using resources like rulers and established squares is now made easier by the new design that makes the actual screen perfectly flush mounted with all the bezel as well as the hardened glass surface stands up to scratches so you can use your drawing resources on it without worrying. Left handed artists won't need to sense left-out as the Cintiq is completely ambidextrous and can be programmed to function any way you discover comfortable.